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Battle for Azeroth Beta - Prestige Rewards
In the latest beta build for Battle for Azeroth, the new honor level system goes up to 1000. The prestige rewards from Legion are being redistributed among this new cap, but if you already earned them you won't have to grind them again.

Here are the current rewards from the new Honor level system.
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Honor Level 5 - Dutiful Squire (A) or Dutiful Gruntling (H)
Honor Level 10 - Honorable Pennant
Honor Level 15 - Prestigious Bronze Courser
Honor Level 20 - Alliance Enthusiast or Horde Fanatic
Honor Level 25 - Title: "The Honorable "
Honor Level 30 - Prestigious Pennant
Honor Level 40 - Prestigious Ivory Courser
Honor Level 50 - Title: "The Prestigious"
Honor Level 60 - Elite Pennant
Honor Level 70 - Prestigious Azure Courser
Honor Level 80 - Title: "The Unrelenting "
Honor Level 90 - Esteemed Pennant
Honor Level 100 - Title: " the Unstoppable Force"
Honor Level 125 - Prestigious Forest Courser
Honor Level 150 - Prestigious Royal Courser
Honor Level 175 - Glorious Pennant
Honor Level 200 - Title: "Bound by Honor"
Honor Level 250 - Prestigious Midnight Courser
Honor Level 300 - Title: " the Tactician"
Honor Level 400 - N/A
Honor Level 500 - N/A
Honor Level 600 - N/A
Honor Level 750 - N/A
Honor Level 1000 - N/A

Battle for Azeroth Beta - Boralus Revisit Preview
Boralus feels alive in the beta now with many new npcs, districts and buildings added to the beta recently!

Battle for Azeroth Beta - Zuldazar Revisit Preview
Zuldazar has not recieved many updates since it appeared on the beta.

Battle for Azeroth Beta - Burning of Teldrassil Aftermath Updates
After the events of the Burning of Teldrassil, Darkshore has received a cool new sky box and a red tint with ash in the sky. Gilnean and Darnassian refuges are now found on the dock of Stormwind Harbor that previously had the ship which sailed to Darnassus. There is now a portal to Darkshore here and a boat to Boralus has taken the spot.

Battle for Azeroth - Tirisfal Glades Aftermath Updates
After the events of the Battle for Lordaeron, Tirisfal Glades has turned into a wasteland. The zeppelin from Orgrimmar no longer runs and has been replaced with a portal. There are also many Undercity refugees spread throughout the city now.

Dark Legacy Comics #632
DLC #632 has been released.